Possibly named after Red Rock Canyon. Intel SVCL family of two-socket server motherboards. Atom Z processor, aimed at tablet computers. Probably named after Boulder Creek , in Boulder Colorado. Itanium series, the seventh-generation Itanium. Also spelled Becton, and also called Nehalem-EX.

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Intel KX chipset, intended for two-socket Pentium Pro systems. Intel X and XE chipsets, higher performance versions of Grantsdale. Reference unknown; see Springdale disambiguation for possibilities. Intel buffalo creek dg33bu from the original on August 8, ATX form factor, Slot 1 socket. Intel DXCV desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Richford disambiguation for possibilities. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Single channel, single-band, Atom Intel buffalo creek dg33bu and N series single-core and D and N series buffzlo.

Much like Nocona but with 2MB cache instead of 1MB, and capable of reducing its clock speed when idle.

Xeon E7 series Bufalo, aimed at dual-socket servers. Atom Z processor, aimed at tablet computers. Tulloch is the name of a reservoir in Tuolumne CountyCalifornia.

Intel series Ethernet PHY. Used in the Santa Rosa platform.

List of Intel codenames

First Intel chipset intel buffalo creek dg33bu use a PCH. Itanium processor Tukwila with only two cores. Reference unknown; see Gallatin disambiguation for possibilities. Intel has historically named integrated circuit IC development projects after geographical names of towns, rivers or mountains near the location of the Intel facility responsible for the IC.

Intel Intell desktop motherboard.

Intel and series mobile chipsets, used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Aimed at the high-performance computing segment.

Used in the Intel buffalo creek dg33bu Ferry co-processor card. Intel S enterprise-class SSD. Bjffalo named after Averilla town in Essex County, Vermont.

Intel V Ethernet controller. Intel LTA46 Thunderbolt controller chip. Xeon Phi, a “many integrated core” MIC processor based on the Larrabee core and having 50 or more cores. Calistogaa city in Napa County, California. Ninth-generation Itanium processor, intel buffalo creek dg33bu in Reference unknown; see Crestline disambiguation for possibilities. Aimed at high-end smartphones. Intel YAE desktop motherboard.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Intel DXBK desktop motherboard. Most Conroes are dual-core, although some single-core versions were also produced. Noconaa city in Intel buffalo creek dg33bu County, Texas. Intel EF server Ethernet adapter. CPUs had to be named after cities listed on the map in the US. Intel wireless technology, part of the Napa platform. Extensions to PCI Express for connecting to co-processors. First-generation Pentium 4 processor, and the first implementation of the NetBurst microarchitecture.

Moaban ancient kingdom in modern-day Jordan that was often in conflict with Israel in Biblical times. Intel STL2 two-socket server motherboard. Reference unknown; see Cranford disambiguation for possibilities.

However, there was never a Montecito with more than two cores, so Chivano was not needed. Most processors after a certain intel buffalo creek dg33bu were named after cities that could be found on the map of the United States. Supports Xeon series processors Lynnfield. Diamondville intel buffalo creek dg33bu a town in Lincoln County, Wyoming. Intel’s large manufacturing and design facilities in Oregon are located in the Tualatin Valley.

Archived from the original on December 29, This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Reference unknown; see Tejas disambiguation for possibilities.