Page Rotate Right Rotates the target image outlined in orange 90 degrees clockwise. When you click found to the left of , the document titles found in the lower hierarchies are displayed. Page Click Preview. Select this to open the Save dialog box after scanning the images and specify the save settings such as destination folder, file name and Exif information. The Preferences dialog box opens. To change the scanner, click Change You can create multiple cropping frames and apply different scan settings to each cropping frame.

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Click Open Manual to open this guide if it is installed. Important You cannot scan film using the Control Panel.

Print Current Document You can print the currently displayed document. This function is useful when scanning magazines. Trimming Dr-2580c wia the target image outlined in orange. See ” Placing Documents ” for details on how to place documents. Wiq size options vary by the item dr-2580c wia in Destination.

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

Note Select dr-2580c wia Show this window at startup checkbox in the Navigation Mode screen to always open the Navigation Mode screen at startup. Click Reset Selected Image to cancel all corrections, enhancements and adjustments applied to the selected image.

Adjust the scan areas cropping frames and set Image corrections as required. Move the cursor inside the white frame dr-258c0 dr-2580c wia to move the trimming area. Click Edit photo images on the list. In Windows dr-2580c wia, click From scanner or camera from.

By clicking each button, the introduced application starts. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer of the application. Orientation Specify the print orientation.

Inverts the image horizontally. The film may be extremely dark or bright, or the spaces between frames are extremely narrow dr-2580c wia mm is standard.

If the file format dr-2580c wia not supported by the application, scan the image again and save it in a df-2580c file format such as JPEG.

One-click Mode also allows you to scan and save images as PDF files or attach them to e-mail automatically. Important The adjustments will be lost if you exit before saving adjusted images. Delete unnecessary files to obtain sufficient free hard disk dr-2580c wia, then scan again. You can adjust the effect level using the slider. dr-2580c wia

dr-2580c wia Channel Each dot of an image is a mixture of Red, Green and Blue dr-280c various proportions gradation. PDF You can change the file format from Set. Page Borderless Printing Select this checkbox to print the image on an entire sheet of paper without margins. ScanGear scanner driver is software dr-2580c wia for scanning documents and film. Note dr-2580c wia is a phenomenon where uneven gradation df-2580c a stripe pattern appears when such photos or pictures printed with fine dots are scanned.

Preview before scanning Select this checkbox, then start a scan to display preview images before the actual scan. Page film size. Click the corresponding icon. It is dr-2580c wia that you normally select this setting. Dr-2580c wia Navigator EX may not support the e-mail software sia. Thumbnail Mode Switches to Thumbnail Mode. Face Brightener Corrects dr-2580c wia entire image to brighten the facial area in and around the selected area.

Page Scanner The currently set product name is displayed. Important Even if you classify images saved in removable media such as USB flash drive and external hard disk, the classification information will be deleted once you remove the media.


Displays the selected printer’s advanced setting screen. The left half of the document is sr-2580c and appears in the Stitch-assist window. When you change the Backlight Correction setting, the result dr-2580c wia be reflected in the preview image. Page Reset Click to restore the original settings. Note When you change the Cropping Size for Thumbnail View er-2580c, the preview images will be refreshed and dr-2580c wia to the new size.

Scanning Film in Advanced Mode When you select a document type, colors are adjusted based on the Unsharp Mask function or document type.