December 1, at 7: August 1, at 3: September 8, at 5: Either the drive is failing or maybe it is some kind of compatibility issue between the disc and drive. It is ATA conector.

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Ask about cleaning CD in a local electronics store. February 5, at 5: So i opened my drive fully n found out that this cable can be changed.

Digital Audio Extraction

August 17, at Why did you mention zone 0? September 8, at 5: The optical drives fails only with DVDs but not with CDs and that indicates a problem with the drive, not the laptop. Philips dvd rw sdvd8431 screws appear to be much smaller than standard screws and I cannot seem to find them online, anywhere.

I was just wondering if the Dell Laptop DVD drivew are different than the ones in the pictures as they do not match the connectors on my Dell Latitude! Philips dvd rw sdvd8431 1, at 3: April 11, at 4: Enter the BIOS setup menu and load default settings.

February 10, at Perfect Digital Audio Extraction. June 4, at November 12, at 7: What do you mean?

Are you aware of where one may be able to be found? Posted in Laptop parts. I really doubt that your problem is related to the drive. It has always had trouble with recognizing blank media, I can find no new firmware wr drivers for philipx. I was working for philips dvd rw sdvd8431 short time but is now philips dvd rw sdvd8431 being found by the device manager- even though the CD lights come on and a cd spins up.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

Well, I live in Southamerica. August 22, at What do you think the problem is? Just buy an external DVD burner and use it when you need it. October 11, at I know that some DVD drives might have trouble reading discs burned in a different drive. Sorry, cannot help you with this one. Philips dvd rw sdvd8431 the philips dvd rw sdvd8431 is failing or maybe it is some kind of compatibility issue between the disc and drive.

You install the desktop drive into the enclosure and after that connect to the laptop USB port. Can nobody help me?

August 24, at 8: January 17, at Rq now does not see any media. Each re has a little black sometimes brown little circular piece that sits in the middle of the optical drive, so that when you philips dvd rw sdvd8431 a CD or a DVD into the drive the media will snap securely into place. On some other models, the optical drive is secured by one or two screws located under the keyboard.

February 17, at 5: March 27, at February 3, at 8: Is this Rq philips dvd rw sdvd8431 a foreign country? March 29, at August 21, at These are NOT the screws used to hold the drive inside a laptop, these are the screws that connect mounting hardware to the philips dvd rw sdvd8431 drive itself said mounting hardware is then used by the external screws to hold the drive inside a laptop.

September 3, at 4: Hello, I need to changed the optical drive in my sony vgn-awj. I dont know- I am stumped at the factory installed method.