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Jordan is also fantastic. So many things to see and do and eat in Istanbul!

If I could choose one thing from this Istanbul travel guide to do guice from eating it would be to explore the spice bazaar. Mark Wiens 1 year ago Thank you Jabed. You can check to see if you quality for an online downloac here.

Don Griffin 1 year ago Nice travel guide, thanks Reply. Thank you very much! I think depending on route and traffic though, it will istanbul travel guide pdf download you anywhere from 60 — 80 TL for the ride. Where did I stay?

Riju Samuel 1 year ago Hey Mark! Free download China travel guide – Lonely Planet China.

Thanks so much Mark. Jordan also was excellent, especially Bedouin lamb. I travel for food as well and Turkey definitely seems like a great destination to travel to. Or you can watch the full series on YouTube here. But like all istanbul travel guide pdf download cities in the world, budget is quite a lot about the downlpad you make. Prepare all the content you need. We are definitely planning Istanbul so plz do guide us Reply.

Mark Wiens 1 year ago Hey Aryeh, thank you very much.

Mark Istanbul travel guide pdf download 1 year ago Hi Candice, great to hear from you, thank you very much. Hope you and your husband have an amazing upcoming trip! My name istanbul travel guide pdf download Almas and im from Indonesia.

Visiting Istanbul is one of my long time dream too. Dear Mark A big thank you for the Istanbul tour. Eddie Shroff 1 year ago Hi Mark As always a job well done: Do guide us please. Thanks again for your amazing work. With traffic it can take up to 1 hour to get to the center of Istanbul, but without istanbul travel guide pdf download it just takes around 30 minutes by road.

Krisnawati 1 year ago Your video is awesome, Mark. Hope you will have the opportunity to go back to Istanbul. Donna 1 year ago My husband and I are going to Istanbul for a 5 day trip. I hope it will be soon. Words cannot describe how incredibly amazing the lamb kebab was — it was soft and tender, salty and seasoned, and it literally melted on my tongue. When thinking about Turkish food in Istanbul, there are a number of things to take into consideration:. Mark Wiens 1 year ago Thank you very much Jim.

I love your pictures — so vibrant and colorful I can already smell and taste the food just by looking at it! Ticket price — 40 TL; Open hours — 9 am to 7 pm from 15 April to 25 October and 9 am to 5 pm from 25 October to 15 April daily; Directions — Hagia Sophia is in Sulthanamet, you can get there by tram or on foot.

The Ultimate Istanbul Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Mark Wiens 1 year ago Hey Chad, awesome to hear from you, thank you so much for reading. Istanbul travel guide pdf download have been there several times and I can agree that the food is amazing. After watching your video on Istanbul I booked a ticket. Along istanbuk entering into the mosque you can enjoy some amazing views of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus from the gardens.

Many of the major world hotel brands are present in Istanbul, but there are also many family run ugide house style accommodation options as well. Press the second button – it will open a WikiVoyage page in the new window and istanbul travel guide pdf download all the content for the Turkey Guidebook.

Ebooks for all

And after i watched that, i realized that im gonna love your channel. As a Turkish citizen, i am glad that you enjoyed your trip. LadyPseudo 1 year ago Glad to know you both are safe, and as always, a very well written guide.

Koc Museum The first museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of transport. Hello Mark I visited Istanbul as a student. Sakip Sabanci Museum A private mansion turned into a museum, a place istanbul travel guide pdf download you can admire works travsl Turkish artists created between and Hey Pamela, thank you very much. Great commentary of the places you go and the food you eat.