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It shows how to use the pyramid rules to discover and clarify the points you want to make. Then you get to the punch line.

The Pyramid Principle – Lessons from McKinsey – Medium

Sign in Get started. Group and summarize your supporting arguments. Finally, you want to ensure that the ideas you bring together under each group actually belong together, are at the same level of importance, and follow some logical structure. One of the tools that we used at McKinsey was minto pyramid principle pdf download Pyramid Principle, a methodology for structured communication. We often had to crisply present a recommendation prinviple busy executives.

Grouping together low-level facts they see as similar. Extended thinking eventually ends in a single pyramid of ideas, at many levels, obeying logical rules, and held together by a single thought.

Minto Pyramid Principle Pdf Free Download

It just so happens that the magic number of ideas in a group is three see my Rule of 3 post. Communicating the thinking requires only that you guide the reader down the pyramid. Drawing an insight from having seen the similarity.

It notes that people ideally work out their thinking by creating pyramids of ideas: Only then, after you have answered the question, should you present your supporting reasons. To get the most out of your short time with an executive, you minto pyramid principle pdf download to make your recommendation first and foremost.

In the meantime, if you have any question son the concept or how to apply it, just email me barminto aol. Are upgrading the server to solve the problem by minto pyramid principle pdf download later than August 1.

Forming a new grouping of mino insights, etc. The Minto Pyramid Principle textbook explains in detail the entire thinking process that should precede writing.

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Click to order it from Apple. Minto Books International, Inc.

In some cases, the executive may already mentally be at the conclusion you minto pyramid principle pdf download them to reach, in which case she will accept your recommendation and move on without you having to go into the detailed supporting arguments. First, you want to maximize your time with your audience. Self study or Online? Your audience—whether listeners or readers—will naturally begin to group and summarize your arguments and ideas in order to remember them.

At McKinsey, pfinciple of the lessons I learned was the importance of structured thinking and minto pyramid principle pdf download. You are plainly and directly answering the question that was posed to you.

When combined with the Rule of 3the Pyramid Principle becomes an extremely powerful structured communication tool for making recommendations to busy executives. The Minto pyramid principle pdf download Pyramid Principle self-study course consists of a minute video overview of the concept, plus a copy of the textbook, and an extensive workbook of exercises. That, alas, takes deeper explanation and practice!

So you may as well help them do it and make your overall recommendation more effective and memorable.

The Pyramid Principle

There are a few different ways of logically ordering ideas that belong in the same group:. The Summary provides only an insight minto pyramid principle pdf download the thinking behind the Minto Pyramid Principle; it does not actually teach how to apply it to your work. Barbara in Your Pocket. I saw many examples during my time at McKinsey when the Pyramid Principle was invoked in written and verbal communication to successfully motivate action.

The Minto Pyramid Principle says that your thinking will be easy for a reader to grasp if you present the ideas organized as a pyramid under a single point. Click to order it for Andriod. Logically order your supporting ideas. For this reason the Minto Pyramid Principle has become the de facto standard for all major consulting firms and professional organizations.

Minto Books International, Inc. Then, for each supporting idea or argument, break that further into more ideas or arguments minto pyramid principle pdf download you have formed a minto pyramid principle pdf download.

Get updates Get updates. As an entrepreneur, the tool could be what you use to communicate with prospective investors or board members. Start with the answer first. Never miss a story from Lessons from McKinseywhen you sign up for Medium.

We have also integrated the video with the exercises, to make the course easy minto pyramid principle pdf download access online.

Executives are busy people. As a leader in an organization, you can use the Pyramid Principle to communicate with peers or project stakeholders when you make an important proposal. Finally, you are more persuasive when you are direct. An Android phone version is avalible from Google mintoo. The key take-aways from the Pyramid Principle at McKinsey were:.